About Us

ROCKEFI is specializing in researching and manufacturing of hotel supplies and catering items.

We have an experienced R&D team supported by competent engineers & machinists, and a high

skill experience sales team. We have provided the good quality products and serve to our customers since 1990.

ROCKEFI has a long tradition of developing products, we are constantly launching new and better products, including Stainless Steel Chafing Dish, European GN Pan, American GN Pan, Coffee Dispenser,

Juice Dispenser and Mirror Tray etc. In the international market, the ROCKEFI brand is known worldwide for its quality and value.

ROCKEFI in the face of toughening competition, fluctuating material and increasing labor cost, is to pursue for excellence so as to maintain a leading role in this industry.

By means of advanced technology, we are devoted ourselves to improve production efficiency and to strengthen the implementation of automation so that production capacity can be increased and labor cost reduced.

We strengthen our R&D team to speed up the procedure of product development while we are carrying out strict quality control in the process of production.

Actively adapt to change in the market, the products are exported to most countries in the world.

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